Logo redesign

As part of the task of redesigning the e-conomic logo was the requirement that sub brands was able to fit into the final result.


I create animation videos to explain exactly how transitions and animations should behave. It can be an important tool for startup companies to convince potential investors as well.

About me

I am 35 years old and I have 10 years of experience working with UX, Product -and Digital Design. Moreover I have been working with frontend and animation approximately three years.

This means that I have been involved in and responsible for rebranding corporate identities, logo redesigns, newsletters, photo identity, designing apps, complex product designs, conversion optimization, user tests etc.

My analytical and communicative skills and the ability to deliver well structured and solid work, being diverse experienced, having a holistic overview and of course a natural interest for analysing a need and creating the perfect design with focus on communication & usability is what creates my results.

(Photographer: Rie Neuchs)

email: sorenbennebo@gmail.com
Mobile: +45 60609318.
Read more: LinkedIn
Download CV: Soren-Bennebo-CV.pdf